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#4 James Doherty

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Nationality British
Age 27
Born Britain
Lives Kent, England
Height 182cm
Weight 73kg

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James has been sim racing for a number of years, but despite narrowly missing out on last year's semi-final, he is more determined than ever to show his full potential after being picked by Renault Sport Team Vitality in the Pro Draft.

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Fail to plan, plan to fail



  • /  2018 Qualification:

    Round 3


"I think Salih Saltunc and Brendon Leigh will be the men to beat due to their raw pace, experience and intelligence."

Q: Who is your current favourite driver (who drives now)?

A: Charles Leclerc as I feel he is a superstar in the making!

Q: Was there a team that you hoped would pick you, if so who?

A: Honestly no, as it is just my dream to get into F1 and show what I am capable of.

Q: Did you train and get fit for the Pro Draft?

A: I have always valued my fitness and performance offtrack as well as on track, so I focused on keeping the consistency and strength while trying to be a little bit lighter.

Q: When did you first make your move to professional Sim Racing?

A: I have competed in professional leagues since 2011.

Q: Have you ever won a championship in Sim Racing or come close?

A: Over the course of my competitive career I have won 7 online racing league titles at the highest level and I'm currently 2nd in Apex Online Racing's (AOR) highest ever points in F1 on all platforms.

Q: What was your most memorable online race?

A: AOR Season 7 on F1 2013 as it was my biggest win in my career at the time against the best competition possible.

Q: Did you feel the pressure, sat there in the Pro Draft?

A: Yes, but I thrive on having pressure as it makes me perform at my best.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the Pro Series?

A: I'm looking forward to racing against the very best on the same platform and showing what I can do, to hopefully win the series with Renault and Team Vitality.

Q: If you could pick anyone in the world to be your teammate, who would it be and why?

A: Charles Leclerc as he is currently my favourite driver in Formula One and I know he has a passion for sim racing.

Q: Who do you think (bar yourself) will be the top challenger for the title win, in 2018?

A: I think Salih Saltunc and Brendon Leigh will be the men to beat due to their raw pace, experience and intelligence. However this is a new game we will be playing on and I expect everyone to be at a very equal level as we'll still be adapting to the new physics of F1 2018.

Q: If you think there is something/anything that will give you an advantage over your competitors, what is it and how will you use it?

A: I feel my experience on competing in F1 games for the past 7 years will give me some advantage as I know what it takes to compete and be successful but also know how it feels to be so close to victory on the biggest stage and just lose out.