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Harrison Jacks

  • British flag


  • Age:


  • Gamertag:

    Noble 2909


  • /  Qualification:

    Round 1

  • /  Semi-final:

    5th place

  • /  Grand Final:

    9th place


Q: Who is your favourite F1 driver ever?

A: Currently it's Lewis Hamilton but before him it was Mika Hakkinen.

Q: Which circuit is your favourite on F1 2017?

A: Suzuka, for its fast and flowing nature.

Q: What is the first driving video game that you remember playing?

A: F1 97 - a long way back... 20 years!

Q: How much practice do you put in on F1 2017?

A: An hour a day on average.

Q: Which driving video game is your all-time favourite?

A: F1 Challenge 99-02 on PC. When it came out it offered so much more than other racing games on the market at the time.

Q: Toughest online opponent?

A: A good friend of mine Matt Gallagher, who is known online as MattyG. We've grown up playing racing games online together and have come a long way.

Q: Were you expecting to do well in the semi-finals and qualify for Abu Dhabi?

A: I always thought I had a chance. I wasn't necessarily confident of finishing in the top three, but I knew that we only had to make the top 20 to qualify. I've got a lot of work to do before the Finals in Abu Dhabi but I'll be heading there well-prepared and hoping to do well.

Q: In addition to Lewis Hamilton, which F1 drivers would you most like to meet?

A: Max Verstappen - he's young and looks like he's having fun. And Daniel Ricciardo too. Both seem to get on well and they're pretty boisterous.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about going to Abu Dhabi for the Finals?

A: Getting to watch the race live at the circuit. I've experienced it a few times at Silverstone and there's nothing quite like it. Doing the same at Abu Dhabi - where under normal circumstances I'd probably never get the chance - will be amazing.