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F. Donoso Delgado

  • Chilean flag


  • Age:


  • Gamertag:

    Fc FabRacer


  • /  Qualification:

    Round 2

  • /  Semi-final:

    5th place

  • /  Grand Final:

    2nd place


Q: Who is your favourite F1 driver ever?

A: Ayrton Senna is my favourite driver of all time. Of the current grid, it's Sebastian Vettel.

Q: Which circuit is your favourite on F1 2017?

A: Monaco. I started on this track and it was the one that made me realise I was good at the game!

Q: What is the first driving video game that you remember playing?

A: The first one I remember is F1 2014.

Q: Toughest online opponent?

A: I think speed-wise we are all pretty much equal and the Finals in Abu Dhabi will be very close. Any one of the 20 drivers could end up winning.

Q: In addition to Sebastian Vettel, which F1 drivers would you most like to meet?

A: I'd love to meet all the drivers. I don't have a preference other than Sebastian Vettel - meeting any of them would be really cool though.

Q: How well do you think you will do at the Finals in Abu Dhabi?

A: It was hard work to get to the semi-finals. There is a lot of hard work ahead before the Finals get under way in Abu Dhabi and if I put in the hours and perform as well as I know I can on the day, I'd be hopeful of finishing in the top five.