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Sven Zurner

  • German flag


  • Age:


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  • /  Qualification:

    Round 2

  • /  Semi-final:

    2nd place

  • /  Grand Final:

    3rd place


Q: Who is your favourite F1 driver ever?

A: Sebastian Vettel - although Max Verstappen is running him closer and closer!

Q: Which circuit is your favourite on F1 2017?

A: Monaco, and not just in F1 2017. It's one of the most famous tracks in the world and to go there is amazing.

Q: Which car is your favourite to drive on F1 2017?

A: Either the Sauber or the Force India.

Q: What is the first driving video game that you remember playing?

A: Gran Turismo, but soon after I moved on to F1 2004. I was only five! I got my first steering wheel in 2007.

Q: Who is your toughest online opponent?

A: All the drivers in the F1 2017 Italian league are great drivers and very tough to race against.

Q: How difficult was it to reach the Final?

A: I didn't qualify at my first attempt so it was all quite tense for me. I managed to put in some practice with Mads Soerensen (MrHamilton44) and was able to improve and make it to the semi-finals. Now I am so excited to have the chance to go to Abu Dhabi and I can't wait to get started.

Q: How would it feel to be crowned the first ever F1 Esports Series champion?

A: It would be so awesome and I'd give a lot to be able to be the champion! But it will be very tough and we will have to see how things go in Abu Dhabi.