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Cedric Thome

  • German flag


  • Age:


  • Gamertag:

    NLR Evo


  • /  Qualification:

    AOR League

  • /  Semi-final:

    2nd place

  • /  Grand Final:

    17th place


Q: Who is your favourite F1 driver ever?

A: Lewis Hamilton. I have followed him since 2007 and he's my all-time favourite. His style is really smooth but he's also aggressive when he overtakes and I really like that.

Q: Which circuit is your favourite on F1 2017?

A: I'd have to say Suzuka. The elevation changes are incredible.

Q: Which car is your favourite to drive on F1 2017?

A: Ferrari. The design is really striking.

Q: What is the first driving video game that you remember playing?

A: F1 2005 - a long time ago!

Q: How much practice do you put in on F1 2017?

A: It really depends on whether it is a competition but I'd say on average 14 hours per week.

Q: Toughest online opponent?

A: There are so many! It's very hard to pick just one.

Q: In addition to Lewis Hamilton, which F1 drivers would you most like to meet?

A: All of them! But just one would be awesome.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about going to Abu Dhabi for the Finals?

A: The photos of the city look amazing.

The skyline and the views make it a very exciting place to go.