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F1 Esports 2020 Qualifying Explained!

July 17, 2019

What’s better than one F1 Esports Qualifying Series? How about two?!

That’s right – qualifying for the 2020 F1 Esports Series will run in tandem with the 2019 Pro Series. There were several different routes drivers could take to the 2019 Pro Draft, and it’s the same story for 2020. So, how can you take part? Worry not, we’re here to break it down…



Online qualifying. Of course, the ‘traditional’ route into the Pro Series is back once again! And for the first time, online league racing comes to the F1 Esports Series on the brand spanking new F1 2019 game by Codemasters. This time, you have two opportunities to prove your speed in our qualifying scenarios…

The first will be around Hockenheimring – and get cracking, because it begins very soon, on Monday, July 22. You’ve then got two weeks to complete the scenario and book your spot in the next phase.

The second scenario will be around the Hungaroring, also the venue for the next round of the F1 World Championship. Once this event expires, you’ll have to wait until after the summer break to try again, so it’s well worth getting your best efforts on the board early!

The top eightracers from each platform will then progress, giving us 16 drivers on PC, PS4, and Xbox One each. And then…

We’re proud to present the Challenger Series – our brand new take on Esports qualifying. The two qualifying events above will give us three sets of sixteendrivers – one set per platform. These lobbies of 16 will battle it out over a six-race online championship, with race distance set to 50%.

At the end of this phase of the competition, the top seven drivers from each platform will make it through to the 2020 Pro Draft – giving us a fresh batch of 21 new racers. We’ll also be crowning champions at the end of the Challenger Series, so there’s added incentive to stand out from the crowd and impress the F1 Esports teams.


After F1’s summer break, there’s a second chance to make it to the Draft – but this one’s not for the faint of heart. Three qualification events on some of F1’s most legendary circuits will truly test the mettle of our next hopefuls.

These events will take place around Belgium, Japan and Brazil, so the events will be staggered through the year. As with the Challenger Series, they will run for two weeks on the F1 Esports hub on F1 2019.

This is where things get interesting. The top 16 drivers from each platform will qualify for the first event. But only the top eight of these will progress to the second race – where they will be joined by eight more fresh qualifiers for the second race. The top eight of this group will also progress to the third and final race, where one final set of eight drivers will join them for the final 16-driver race.

The top three drivers on each platform in this final race will make it to the Pro Draft, giving us another nine drivers for 2020. It’s a unique winner-stays-on format that ensures a new challenge and an ever-evolving pool of talent. Sounds good, right?!


For 2019 qualifying, the DHL 50 Fastest events helped us find six fresh racers for the Draft. For 2020, the time trial event returns, to help unearth fresh talent. Entry will be invite-only, meaning this is one of the more exclusive ways to make the grade.

Drivers will be required to set a hot lap at an as-yet-undisclosed circuit, and submit video evidence of their attempt to qualify.

As before, the top two racers from each platform will progress, and, giving us another six drivers for the Draft.


As with 2019, the Pro Draft for next year will be a two-day event. 24 Challenger Series racers. Six Playoff heroes. Six time trial specialists. This group of 36 speedsters will compete in knockout racing, with the slowest 12 being eliminated.

Once we’re down to 24, they’ll be joined by any released Pro Draft drivers from 2019, giving us our final pool of talent.

The road is long, the challenges great, and the path to glory never more varied.

Have you got what it takes? Fire up F1 2019, and get qualifying… the first event is just around the corner!

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