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Baku Event Now Open

April 27, 2018

Event Two of the F1 Esports Series is now live on F1 2017 giving you the chance to win a seat as an official esports driver for one of the real world Formula 1 teams.

The new event puts you behind the wheel of Lance Stroll’s Williams around the streets of Baku in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. You join the race in 7th place with five laps to go tasked with finishing second as both Hamilton and Vettel have to pit.

Not only do you have to carve your way through the field but you also have to keep a charging Valtteri Bottas at bay and keep him out of DRS range.

To take part in the F1 Esports Series all you have to do is make sure that you are registered here and play the event in F1 2017. Driver assists are permitted during qualification but score modifiers will be applied.

The event ends at midnight on Tuesday after which the fastest 10 players on each platform (PS4, Xbox and PC) will qualify for the event finals which will be held on 7th, 8th and 9th May around the Baku Street Circuit. The top three finishers in each of the finals will win a place in the Pro Draft.

After Baku there will be rounds at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and finally Circuit de Monaco, so there is still plenty of opportunity to earn your place on the grid.

Don’t forget to record your attempts and send them to us by signing in selecting submit video. You can find all of our videos, including those from our players, here.

Full rules for the F1 Esports Series are available here.

Good luck!

Track: Baku City Circuit
Team: Williams
Driver: Lance Stroll
Conditions: Clear / Light Cloud
Starting Position: 7th
Target Position: 2nd
Starting Lap: 46 of 51 (100% race)

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