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Bolukbasi leads the way on PS4

April 26, 2018

Cem Bolukbasi claimed his place in the F1 Esports Series Pro Draft with a masterful display in the PlayStation 4 Event Final on Wednesday night around the Shanghai International Circuit.

The top three drivers – Bolukbasi (CemBolukbasix), Sebastian Job (G2_Sebi) and Álvaro Carretón (XxCarrexX06) – dominated the race maintaining their grid positions throughout to all earn the opportunity to become an official Esports driver for one of the official Formula 1 teams.

The only real challenge to Bolukbasi’s lead came after he pitted at the end of lap six, rejoining wheel-to-wheel with Job as they approached Turn 1. Bolukbasi maintained the inside line to hold his position. In turn Carretón challenged Job for 2nd in the late stages of the race but, although he got within DRS range, he was unable to get past.

Further down the field there was some great battling throughout. The early stages saw an intense fight between Jarno Opmeer (jarnoracing5), Guillem Machacon (CosmicGuille) and Aressi91 for 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

The race ended dramatically as Bernardo Pérez Pérez (JIM-NardyXTeam) and Machacon battled it out for 4th place on the final lap. Machacon ran wide in Turn 12 meaning they were side-by-side down the back straight before colliding around Turn 14 leaving the stewards to award Machacon a five second penalty and .

You can watch the full PS4 Event Final from Shanghai here.

With Event One now coming to a close, attention switches to the streets of Baku which will host Event Two. The event goes live on Friday and all you need to do to take part is register here and play the in-game event on F1 2017.

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