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F1 Esports Qualifying in Numbers

July 4, 2018

Formula 1 is all about numbers. Top speeds. Lap Numbers. Millimeters between cars. And F1 Esports is no different. There were some impressive totals during Qualifying for the 2018 Pro Draft, and we’ve got them all for you here.

That’s right. 66,000 of you loaded up Formula 1 2017 and had a crack at one or more of the four Qualifying events. That’s roughly twice the population of San Marino, and enough players to fill 1600 Pro Drafts! There’s no way we could possibly take through this many people this time, but keep practicing if you didn’t quite make the cut, as there are sure to be plenty of opportunities in the future.

400,000 attempts between our unique players means that on average, each person attempted qualification six times events over the four events. Some people aced it on the first go, some people kept chipping away at their score, and a few people had to restart a few times after going in too hot at the Castle section in Baku. Whichever bracket you fall into, those attempts will be wiped out as the Pro Draft gets underway. Mistakes are final, the pressure’s on, and any slip-ups could cost you dear.

Much like the excitement and carnage of the real-life Grand Prix, the Azerbaijan Qualifying event was arguably the most popular of the year. The numbers don’t lie – 19,211 of you had a go at hunting down Esteban Ocon and Daniel Ricciardo in the Williams of Lance Stroll. There were almost 100,000 attempts at this tricky scenario too, meaning that on average, players gave this event five tries before succeeding… or otherwise!

The Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying event put you in the shoes (or cockpit) of Esteban Ocon, with the goal of reaching fourth after starting the event sixth. Just five laps – could you do it? Lots of you did, but it might have taken a few tries. There were more than 330,000 laps completed in this challenge (336,440 to be exact), which is the equivalent of 5097 Spanish Grands Prix! Just imagine how many sets of tyres you’d need for that…

Scores in F1 Esports Qualifying took several factors into account; Finishing time, overtakes, and keeping it clean all contributed to a player’s overalls core, which were then stacked up against competitors to form the grid for each race. The highest score from the entire Qualifying phase came in the very first event, when Patrick Holzmann clocked 267916 points on his way to taking top spot on the PC at the Chinese Grand Prix. The German went on to win the race too, showing that practice really does make perfect.


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