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F1 Esports Series 2018: What’s Next?

August 18, 2018

With F1 currently on its summer break, thoughts inevitably turn to the remainder of the season and what is coming up in the autumn – and it’s no different in the world of F1 Esports, with the most exciting weeks of the year still to come.

While the likes of Mercedes Esports, McLaren Shadow and Hype Energy eForce India have confirmed and announced their esports teams in the press, the other six official F1 teams are in the process of finalising theirs ahead of the 2018 Pro Series Championship. At the Pro Series Championship, the esports drivers will compete in a series of virtual races on the official F1 video game, F1® 2018 by Codemasters for the honour of becoming the 2018 F1 Esports Driver World Champion. They will also be fighting for their F1 team to be crowned the 2018 F1 Esports Team Champion, mirroring the accolades on the grid.

So what is on the agenda over the next few weeks, F1 Esports-wise? Here’s a quick rundown of the main things to look out for:

Documentary Series – 2018 F1 Esport Series: The Story Of The Pro Draft

  • Our documentary series going behind the scenes at the first ever F1 Esports Series Pro Draft continues (aired on the official F1 Facebook page and select TV broadcasters)
  • Click here for an episode guide
  • Episode 2: 22 August, 2000 BST
  • Episode 3: 5 September, 2000 BST
  • Episode 4: 22 September, 2000 BST

F1 Esports Pro Series Championship Live Events: Autumn 2018

  • The three championship events that will comprise the 2018 F1 Esports Pro Series Championship will take place in October and November in London
  • All details including the times and where to watch it, will be announced in the coming weeks – watch this space
  • All three events to be broadcast live online and on select TV broadcasters
  • Nine official F1 Esports teams will be competing for the title

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2018 F1 Esports Pro Series Championship at f1esports.com

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