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Grids confirmed for Barcelona Qualification Races

May 20, 2018

After another closely fought at the top end of the leaderboards in Open Qualification 3 we can now confirm the drivers who have made it through to next week’s Qualification Races.

As a reminder, the top ten players on each of the three platforms will now race against each other for a spot in the Pro Draft where they can earn a drive for a real world F1 team.

The top 3 drivers in each of the 25% races around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will secure a spot in the draft. All of the Qualification Races will be live streamed here, each starting at 8pm BST.

The first race will be the Xbox players on Monday. Here is how they line up:

1 veiocelimitless 251864
2 Huiiiiis 251662
3 Ycoms 251662
4 DRAWMASTER99 251582
5 Kowalsky11 251143
6 V6Racing 250908
7 KyIe MitcheII 250896
8 VSR Simon 250859
9 CAR StreeZ 250392
10 TRL Button 250391


Tuesday will be the turn of the PC qualifiers who are:

1 VP_Marek 252125
2 LDLC S.Libeert 251943
3 Williams_Aressi 251739
4 ACR Timp 251670
5 RC auré 251642
6 Sztív 251191
7 MUSTO_Whitelilac 251146
8 CAR_MrHamilton44 251043
9 ACR Štefii 250988
10 KMH G3RRX 250621


And finally the PS4 drivers will have their Qualification Race on Wednesday night. Here’s the grid:


Good luck to everyone involved and don’t forget to watch the live streams.

After the Catalunya races there will only be one more chance for you to qualify for the F1 Esports Series Pro Draft. Open Qualification 4 take us to Monaco so get practicing and look out for more details soon on

Qualification Race 3 Schedule
– Monday 21st May, 8pm (BST)
PC – Tuesday 22nd May, 8pm (BST)
PS4 – Wednesday 23rd May, 8pm (BST)

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