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Monaco produces dramatic PC final

June 6, 2018

There was drama in last night’s Qualification Race as a corner cutting penalty decided third place and the final PC spot in the forthcoming Pro Draft.

Martin Stefanko (ACR Stefii) led the race from pole to claim the top step on the podium with a dominant drive around the Monaco Street Circuit to qualify in first place.

There was plenty of action behind Stefanko. Aurelien Talmon (RC aure), sitting in third place at the time, received the three second penalty on lap 10 which ultimately cost him a place in the draft.

Talmon put Nestor Garcia (G2 Nestor) under immense pressure for the remaining laps, including a number of attempted overtakes at Mirabeau, but the Spaniard was able to hold off the advances to claim second place.

The battle between Garcia and Talmon allowed Alek (NonRunner) to narrow the gap in fourth place. He was just half a second behind Talmon when the flag fell meaning that he was bumped up to third place to claim the last PC qualification space in the draft.

Tonight sees the final F1 Esports Qualification Race as the top ten PS4 players face off around Monaco. You can watch it live tonight here from 8pm (BST).

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