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Monaco Qualification Race players confirmed

June 3, 2018

The players who have progressed to the Qualification Race from Event 4 – Monaco have now been confirmed.

Throughout the qualification phase the leaderboards were nip and tuck but we can now reveal the drivers who will battle it out for a place in the coveted Pro Draft.

Remember that the top three finishers in each of the platform races will qualify for a place in the Draft where they could be selected by an F1 team to represent them in the Pro Series later this year.


First to race around the streets of Monaco will be the Xbox players on Monday:

Pos Gamertag Car
1 PinoMacri Sauber
2 Ycoms Mercedes
3 IsaacPrice Force India
4 Alberto_Foltran_222 Toro Rosso
5 ManuelBiancolilla Red Bull
6 Kyle Mitchell Haas
7 EVR Matt212 Williams
8 V6Racing Ferrari
9 Kowalsky11 McLaren
10 Oslo Renault


The following PCs players will take to the grid on Tuesday:

Pos Gamertag Car
1 ACR Štefii Sauber
2 RC aure Haas
3 G2 Nestor McLaren
4 MUSTO_Whitelilac Red Bull
5 Oscaro Vitto4F1 Force India
6 FlybyWire Renault
7 Sztív Williams
8 NonRunner Ferrari
9 Marc313 Mercedes
10 DarkPSI Toro Rosso


With the PS4 racers rounding off the final round of Qualifying on Wednesday:

Pos Gamertag Car
1 CosmicGuille Mercedes
2 EP1CxG4M3Rx1571 Red Bull
3 NicoFiore000 Ferrari
4 XxProxX46 Haas
5 F1MD_VamosDany92 Toro Rosso
6 Veloce_OllieD McLaren
7 n0body_xDD Williams
8 IRT_AlvaroMasia Renault
9 SmokeMan845 Force India
10 FiT_Saro Sauber


All of the races start at 8pm (BST) and will be live streamed here. Good luck to all involved!

After the completion of the Qualification Races we will enter the Wildcard phase. More details to follow.

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