F1 Mobile Racing Esports Finals Format Revealed

F1 Mobile Racing Esports Finals Format Revealed

November 17, 2020

For the first time in 2020, we launched a separate F1 Esports championship on F1 Mobile Racing, the high-octane racing game available on your mobile device, developed by our good friends over at Codemasters.

The unique nature of this game means that we need a unique way of finding the cream of the crop. So with that in mind, let’s cast our minds forwards to December, when the Finals will take place.


The F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals will be split up into two distinct segments.

First up, if you’ve managed to qualify for the finals previously, congrats! You’re already eligible to race in the Playoffs. In this phase, you’ll have to earn top marks as you race in three Grands Prix, including Qualifying, Grid Start, and a Sprint Race in each. However, these events will only be open for five days, so if you’re one of the elites, be sure to race in time. The three races will open on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December respectively, with the event ending on December 27th, giving you plenty of things to do in the festive period!

After the Playoffs segment closes, racers who have successfully reached the ‘qualified’ tier will progress to the Grand Final. In doing so, they’ll also gain access to a unique Esports banner for use on the game. This banner will be present in the player profile and within Duels, so players can show that they’re one of the Esports finalists. Take that, world!


Getting to The Grand Final is a wonderful thing. But it’s also where the competition funnels the absolute fastest drivers together, in the F1 Mobile Racing Esports PVP Tournament.

Our Grand Finalists will gain access to join PVP Duels, where they will be paired exclusively with other qualified drivers. The time window is extremely short however, so time is of the essence. For just two hours, finalists will go on a mad points-scoring frenzy to try and accrue as many points as possible. Points are awarded for winning the duels and sectors within them, so don’t hold back. This event will take place on January 4th, from 6-8PM UTC.

After this two hour melee, the Grand Final officially comes to a close, and the driver with the most points will be crowned F1 Mobile Racing Esports 2020 Champion! Not only this, but they’ll receive a physical trophy for their efforts, plus another exclusive reward yet to be announced.

As for our would-be-kings, queens and other monarchs, they’ll be sorted into gold, silver and bronze reward tiers based on their points, and will get a bevy of in-game rewards for their efforts.

So, with the finals coming up, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with the game. Pick up F1 Mobile Racing for free on the App Store of Google Play Store, and get those thumbs tuned up. You never know – you could be our first champion!

This is the last month in which you can qualify, so head to the Esports hub in-game to make sure you get your name on the list.

And of course, keep an eye on F1 Mobile Racing on social media for updates regarding dates and prizes. Good luck!

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