2021 DHL Time Trial Qualifiers Revealed!

2021 DHL Time Trial Qualifiers Revealed!

May 17, 2021

Nine fastest time trial runners to drop into Pro Exhibition

To be the absolute best, you have to deliver under pressure. It’s something DHL have been leading the way in for decades, so they’re the perfect partner to preside over our Time Trial for 2021! Nine talented racers are through to the 2021 F1 Esports Series Pro Exhibition after setting the timing screens ablaze.

The DHL Time Trial is an invitation-only event, where more than 100 racers were selected based on their performance in the F1 2020 weekly events, winning the DHL Virtual Fastest Lap competition and prominence in the sim racing community. Of these, nine drivers – three from each platform – now have a spot booked in the Pro Ex. Let’s find out who they are, shall we?


After taking part in the F1 Esports Challengers 2021, Jed Norgrove set a 1:18.155 to book his place in the Pro Exhibition, as the quickest racer on Xbox One. Gabriel Pedro Menghetti notched a time of 1:18.163 in Melbourne to also book his place in the Pro Exhibition.

Joao Pedro Piana Santos makes his way into the Pro Exhibition after once again flourishing in the Xbox category, with his lap time clocking in at 1:18.196. The Brazilian has been well-versed in recent years, making it to the Pro Draft in both 2019 and 2020. He was involved in an incident in the former which ruined his chances, so will be hoping that his consistency in reaching the final stage of qualification earns the respect and admiration of the teams watching on.


Sam Bean booked his place with a fantastic time of 1:17.960, posting one of the only sub-1:18 times of the competition. His route was through weekly events, housed within F1 2020.

Liam Parnell posted a very nice time of 1:18.069, having won Round 1 of the DHL Virtual Fastest Lap competition back in 2020. In each Pro Series event in 2020, fans at home were challenged to set a time as close to the fastest lap from one of the races as possible. Not only did Parnell’s time prove fast enough to win the first round of the DHL Fastest Lap competition, but he delivered the goods yet again in the DHL Time-trial to secure a spot in the Pro Exhibition in 2021, where he’ll be hoping to impress with his rapid one-lap pace once more.

The third and final PS4 qualifier is Xander van Dijken, who was just a shade off Parnell’s time, with a 1:18.091.


By now, the name Sebastian Job probably means something to you if you’re into Esports. Long-affiliated with Red Bull Racing Esports, Job has excelled in every Esports competition he’s participated in. Most recently, he placed fifth in the 2021 Porsche Esports Supercup. After setting his lap time, Job now holds the world record hot lap around Albert Park, with a blistering 1:17.904 effort! Eyes will certainly be on him as we approach the show.

Can Akinci took part in the Weekly Events within F1 2020, and after sealing his time trial effort, he came in at 1:18.023 to progress to the Pro Exhibition.

A solid name in F1 Esports for a while, Samuel Libeert also joins the Pro Exhibition after asserting his dominance with a 1:18.041 in the time trial. Missing out in 2020, he was a potential draftee in 2019, so his familiarity with the game – and the series – may prove popular.

So, plenty of entrants, but just nine progress through to the Pro Exhibition on Thursday May 27! Along with our China Champions, Women’s Wildcard winner, 18 racers from The Challengers, and all released drivers from the 2020 Pro Series, our pool of Pro Exhibition drivers will be hoping they’ve got what it takes to get selected and make it to the Pro Championship later this year.

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