Seven Iconic F1 Drivers to feature in F1 2021 Deluxe Edition!

Seven Iconic F1 Drivers to feature in F1 2021 Deluxe Edition!

May 17, 2021

Codemasters and EA Sports revealed their cover art and Deluxe Edition perks for the upcoming F1 2021 game on Monday, and it’s got us super-excited to get our hands on the new game!

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are the cover stars of the game. With the former pair running one another close in the first four races of 2021, they’re the representations of F1 at its peak, along with Charles Leclerc, who is set to contest his third home Grand Prix this weekend in Monaco.


Lewis, Max and Charles are far from the only digital heroes to sample, though. Along with the official cover art, Codies and EA have also given us a glimpse of seven legendary drivers, who will all feature in the game too as part of the Deluxe Edition.

In the 2021 edition of My Team mode, players will be able to select from seven of the greatest drivers ever to race in F1. Not only does this mean you can choose from the very best up-and-coming talent in Formula 2 and mix up the grid in Formula 1, but you can also add heroes from yesteryear to your own squad.

Multiple World Champions Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, and Ayrton Senna are all available, as are one-time world-beaters Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button. And while they may not have won titles, heavyweight race winners David Coulthard and Felipe Massa are also on offer.

All seven drivers come with their own stats and ratings, which you can see below. Not only that, but if you can meet their expectations and salary requirements, they’ll all be available from the very start of the game, so you can forge your team and add even more history to these already mythic racers right away.

F1 2021 is available to pre order now for Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. Find out more here!


The newest instalment of the much-loved F1 games series will be dropping later this year, and it will form the backbone of our F1 Esports Series Pro Championship when it gets going in the Autumn.

We’ve had a great run with its predecessor, F1 2020, which hosted the most competitive F1 Esports Pro Series to date last year, as well as our qualifying rounds for 2021, including the Challengers. Our Challengers winners will be up for selection at the Pro Exhibition, which is now just days away! There, they’ll be pitted against our top two China Championship racers, Time Trial winners, Women’s Wildcard victor and all released 2020 Pro Series drivers, for the ultimate showcase of the best racing talent in 2021.

From there, the 10 official F1 Esports teams will make their choices, and put forward their three-driver rosters later in the year. Join us on Thursday, May 27 at 1900 BST to see the best of the best!

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