F1 Esports Qualification is OPEN for 2022!

F1 Esports Qualification is OPEN for 2022!

October 1, 2021

Qualification for the 2022 F1 Esports Series presented by Aramco is GO! The month of October heralds the arrival of our first qualification route into next year’s F1 Esports Series, and it couldn’t be easier to take part.

Anyone with a copy of F1 2021 is eligible, and signing up take but the click of a few buttons. Here’s how to get involved!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Carlos Sainz has had a very strong season with Ferrari so far, racking up a trio of podiums and leading a good chunk of the race in Russia. In Austria this year, he converted a middling P11 start into a superb P5 finish. But your job is to take him even further. With a handful of laps remaining, it’s your job to ascend through the field and finish as high up as you can.

If you’ve taken part in one of these scenarios before, you know the drill by now. But if not, the premise is simple. You’ll be scored on your lap times, clean driving, use of assists, use of flashbacks, and most crucially, your race time and finishing position. Simply, maximise your points-scoring with the best performance you can, and you’ll stand the best chance of earning a spot in F1 Esports Series Challengers.

Challengers? What’s That?

Our core qualification route, that’s what! The very best entrants from this qualification event will be put forward into our cohort of Challengers for 2022. Combined with qualifiers from the second qualification event (coming November), we’ll embark on a 12-race championship in early 2022 to decide who the 10 official F1 Esports teams can pick from later in the year.

Crucially, make sure you have your PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam account linked to make sure your effort is counted. Simply head to F1Esports.com, scroll down to the bottom, and click the link that looks like this.

Click the thing that looks like this!

So get out there, and get racing! And who knows, maybe we’ll be crowning you as our next F1 Esports champion in years to come…

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