Everything You Need To Know About F1 Esports

Everything You Need To Know About F1 Esports

October 12, 2021

The new F1 Esports Series presented by Aramco is finally here! Whether you’ve been with us since 2017 or you’re just tuning in, this season promises to be truly unmissable. So, who’s racing for who? Where are we racing? And who’s in the hunt for the championship? Let’s take a look at all the important information ahead of the 2021 F1 Esports Pro Championship, presented by Aramco.


Our 12-race calendar is split into four events, each containing three rounds. Each of those rounds begins with full-length practice and qualifying, followed by a 35% race. As with  F1, points are awarded to the top 10, with a bonus point available for the driver who sets the DHL fastest lap.

The calendar is spread over October-December, with two events in October, one in November, and one in December. Each event consists of two days of action. Wednesday sees two qualifying and race sessions, while Thursday includes one of each.


F1 Esports Series races take place over 35% distance in a specially designed build of F1 2021, the official F1 game by Codemasters and EA Sports. As with F1, drivers must make one pit stop if the weather is dry, and are not obligated to do so if it’s wet.


All 10 F1 teams have a presence in the F1 Esports Series, so there are familiar logos and colours to ease any new fans into the world of virtual racing. However, unlike in F1, there are three drivers per team. The teams can choose any two-driver line up they desire for the races, swapping them in and out between races. This means that the best drivers for the circuits get to attack the curves they know best,

For a full list of the teams and drivers taking part in the 2021 F1 Esports Pro Championship, check out this full list.


We’re here for a good time, but everyone is still racing with their eyes very much on the prize. The $750,000 prize pot is the ultimate incentive, with the team champions earning the biggest slice of this prize at season’s end. The team champions – currently Red Bull Racing Esports – will get their hands on the highly-coveted trophy too!

As well as this, there is of course the driver championship, which is currently held by Jarno Opmeer. With 29 rivals to beat, it’s anyone’s game in 2021.


A very good question, and your guess is as good as ours right now! There are plenty of suitors for the 2021 crown, and there’s no obvious favourite, as is the closeness of this field. Opmeer will certainly be looking over his shoulder as he aims to defend his trophy, but there is a huge queue behind.

Red Bull’s Frede Rasmussen and Marcel Kiefer, FDA Esports’ two champions David Tonizza and Brendon Leigh, McLaren Shadow’s Dani Bereznay, Alpine’s Nicolas Longuet, and many others all have strong claims to being in the fight. You’ll just have to tune in to the first event to see who starts strongest!


We have plenty of options for you for viewing! You can view every second of the F1 Esports Pro Championship on Twitch and YouTube, including both qualifying and race shows. Facebook comes into play for the race shows, as do TV networks around the world, where select broadcast partners will be airing the show. This includes Sky Sports F1, ESPN, and many others.

How ever you tune in, we can’t wait to have you!

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