Audi Comes to F1 22!

Audi Comes to F1 22!

December 7, 2022

Audi. One of the true giants of motoring. In 2026, the German marque will take its rightful place in the world of Formula 1 – but you don’t have to wait that long to drive one!

With the latest update to F1 22, you can drive around shod in Audi’s concept livery… more than three years before they join F1! There’s no way of knowing exactly what the 2026 Audi will look like of course – but the awesome disruptive red, black and silver design unveiled in Belgium will certainly stand out on-track.


The Audi Launch Livery is available in the VIP tier of of Podium Pass Series 4, and unlocked in the first level – meaning that you can unlock it almost straight away if you earn enough XP!

You can then apply the livery to your multiplayer livery, or if you fancy starting Audi’s journey a little ahead of time, you can drive them to glory in My Team, alongside the other 10 teams on the grid.


As well as Audi’s inclusion, Series 4 also comes with some other great features. Elimination mode makes its entrance, offering a fun and casual new game mode for players. A continually-ticking clock spells doom for the driver in last place, with the person at the back of the pack once it hits zero eliminated from the race. The process repeats until just one driver remains!

There’s also s Christmas-themed  content drop available for VIP tier owners, with a festive car livery and set of driver kit to get you in the festive spirit. There are also some Christmassy gifts waiting for you in your messages, with a stocking filler coming your way each day from December 19-22.

Load up F1 22 for PlayStation, Xbox or PC now to join the fun!

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