THOMAS RONHAAR: “The Goal is to Win All Three”

THOMAS RONHAAR: “The Goal is to Win All Three”

December 11, 2022

P2 // 121 points // 2 wins // Haas F1 Esports

It’s one thing to join a racing series and immediately fit in. It’s another case entirely to do that, and threaten the very status quo. F1 Esports’ second Dutch superstar has done just that in 2022, and his name is Thomas Ronhaar. From his robust performance at the Pro Exhibition in June, he’s been right on the pace.

An acceptance letter from Haas and two wins later, and he’s a bona fide frontrunner. So how has the 17-year-old come in and stamped his authority so quickly?

“The Pro Ex definitely gave me a good view of what’s coming in the future,” he began.

“Winning that gave me a confidence boost for the season ahead. It also told the teams that I’m the person who can perform under pressure. The pressure really gets to you at a LAN-based event like the Pro Ex, so I told myself ‘just drive, keep doing what you’re doing’, and that’s worked so far.”

If his mantra is ‘keep doing what you’re doing’, his rivals had better take note. First, third and second were his results in Event 3, with a top-three in qualifying in all three races.

“Qualifying has been crucial this season. I think it’s showed that my pace is definitely up there. I think one of my strongest points in my driving style is performing when it matters, under pressure.”

In truth, Ronhaar has soaked up pressure all year. He performed well in Challengers at the beginning of 2022, earning himself a spot at the Pro Exhibition. His triumph there put him on Haas’ radar – and now he’s in second place in the Pro Championship. The peaks of the season are not hard to guess.

“Getting my first win in Austria gave me the confidence to push forward. I know in myself that I can get some more wins and podiums to close the gap to the front.

“Event 3 could not have gone much better for me. Closing the gap from 48 points to 11 to Lucas [Blakeley] is something really remarkable. I wouldn’t have thought the gap would be this tight going into the last event, but anything can happen in F1 Esports.”


While the season has been mixed for most of the drivers, the playing field will be levelled to a degree, with the return of two tracks that have been absent for a while.

“I think they are three enjoyable tracks. The layouts are really nice, especially Japan and Brazil. Abu Dhabi, I like the new layout although I’ve never really liked the flow, but I think Event 4 has the most enjoyable tracks.”

With no track record to speak of, Ronhaar is something of a wildcard going into the last event. So, with one final effort remaining, how is the Haas man feeling going into the last three races?

“I’ve prepared as much as possible, and I’m filled with as much confidence as I can be before the event starts.

“The goal is of course to win all three, and maybe three poles too. Obviously, that’s hugely hard against all these amazing drivers, but anything can happen.”

Three wins in one event. It’s never happened before – could this be the moment? Join us from Wednesday, December 14 to find out, as the Grand Final kicks off.

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