Blakeley Crowned Champion as Rasmussen Takes Final Win of 2022!

Blakeley Crowned Champion as Rasmussen Takes Final Win of 2022!

December 16, 2022

Lucas Blakeley was crowned F1 Esports champion on Friday evening after a fourth-place finish in Abu Dhabi secured him enough points for the title. After leading the championship from the very first round in Bahrain, Blakeley went into the final round with a 21-point gap to second place, needing only a top-eight finish to guarantee success.

It comes off the back of a dominant display on Thursday evening in Brazil, where he claimed his fourth win of 2022 to put himself on the precipice of the title. Read more on Thursday’s racing here.

Josh Idowu claimed a surprise pole position in Abu Dhabi, his first in the Pro Championship. Off the line, he was challenged by Thomas Ronhaar, whose slim championship hopes spurred him on to a punchy first lap.

Ronhaar emerged with the lead, and Frede Rasmussen followed him through past Idowu on Lap 3. However, Blakeley maintained his sound P4 grid slot, more than enough to seal the deal.

Haas rear gunner Piotr Stachulec almost dealt his team mate Ronhaar back into contention, sitting on the front wing of Blakeley on Lap 20 in Sergio Perez-esque fashion, but to no avail. Blakeley passed down the back straight, and disappeared up the road.

He wasn’t the only Haas being overpowered – Rasmussen overpowered Ronhaar on Lap 24 to seize the lead, with just five laps remaining, and that’s how they crossed the line. Behind Rasmussen and Ronhaar came Idowu, who took his third podium of the season. Blakeley finished a victorious fourth, ahead of fellow champions David Tonizza and Jarno Opmeer. Bari Boroumand rocked up in P7, with the fourth and final champion on the grid – Brendon leigh – taking eighth. Luke Smith and Nicolas Longuet completed the points.


Blakeley ends the season as champion on a tally of 181 points, ahead of Rasmussen, who finishes eight points behind the leader for the second year in a row. He takes his fourth consecutive P2 positions in the championship, with Ronhaar taking a superb third in his debut year. Boroumand scores well in fourth, ahead of outgoing champion Opmeer, and one-time winner Longuet.

In the teams’ side of things, McLaren Shadow ran away with the title and took 330 points, eclipsing Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports in P2. Haas F1 Esports take third, fending off the might of Mercedes. The two Alfa/Alpha teams finish strongly and break through the 100-point barrier.

And just like that, F1 Esports is done for another year! We hope you’ve enjoyed the racing action as much as we have – see you in 2023!

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