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Online Qualification Wildcard explained

June 8, 2018

With Open Qualification now closed, focus switches to the Online Qualification Wildcard where two more drivers will earn a place in the forthcoming F1 Esports Pro Draft.

Starting on Monday, the invite only Online Qualification Wildcard is a time trail event where players have to set the best lap time possible around both the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the Sochi Circuit in a Mercedes. These lap times are then combined to give the overall score.

The two best times will win a trip to Silverstone, during the British Grand Prix, to take part in the Pro Draft where they will be joined by the 36 event qualifiers as well as Fabrizio Donoso Delgado and Sven Zürner, who both qualified through last year’s competition.

After a series of tests and assessments the real world F1 teams will then select at least one driver from the Draft who will represent them in the F1 Esports Pro Series.

Players have until Sunday (17th June) at 11.59pm (BST) to set their best times and can retry the laps as many times as they like. All assists must be switched off and video evidence is required for both laps.

Full rules can be viewed here.

The Wildcard is an invite only event designed to offer certain players an opportunity to qualify for the Pro Draft, for example drivers with high potential and players who suffered technical issues or failed the Speedtest requirements. We are in the process of sending invites.

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