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Qualification Event 4 Monaco – Your Final Chance to Qualify

May 25, 2018

The fourth and final F1 Esports Series Qualification Event is now live until Tuesday, 29 May at 11:59pm (BST) on F1 2017 marking your last chance to win a chance of being selected by one of the F1 teams at the forthcoming Pro Draft. Pro Draft qualification includes a trip to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix!

Qualification Event 4 takes us to the iconic streets of Monaco. You find yourself in Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull as you leave the pit lane with 4 laps still to race. You are rejoining the pack in third place but with your eyes firmly set on taking second spot from Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg.

You are on a fresh set of the ultrasoft tyres so should have the pace to catch Nico, but getting past him on the tight streets is him is going to be a real challenge. Not only that, but you are being chased by a marching Sergio Perez who is keeping you honest in his Force India.

The top ten qualifiers on each of the platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC) from Qualification Event 4 will race it out around Monaco for a seat in the draft. The top three in each of the races will qualify.

Make sure you are registered here and don’t forget to record your attempts and send them to us by signing in and selecting submit video.

Good luck!

Event 4
Track: Monaco
Team: Red Bull Racing
Driver: Daniel Ricciardo
Weather: Cloudy > Clear
Starting Position: 3rd
Target Position: 2nd
Starting Lap: 74/78 (100% race) – player starts in the pit lane

Reminder: video proof may be requested to verify your score. Please remember to record your attempts. You can use the replay function to capture your best times.

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