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Wildcard Route Produces The Final Two

June 18, 2018

The Wildcard Route has produced the final two drivers set to fill in the inaugural F1 Esports Series 2018 Pro Draft.

Last week we explained how the Wildcard Route worked. Drivers had to set their fastest laps around Circuit De Catalunya and Sochi Aerodrome, then send in their footage.

The Wildcard Route ended on the 17th at 23:59. The competition was extremely tight and the top 6 drivers combined times were separated by less than a second. However, Simon Weigang set a blistering 1:17.010 around Catalunya and a 1:31.858 around Sochi producing a combined total of 2:48.868. Pino Macri was quickly behind him with a 1:17.091 and 1:31.872 around Sochi, producing a combined total of  2:48.963.

The two best times have now won a trip to Silverstone, during the British Grand Prix, to take part in the Pro Draft where they will be joined by the 36 event qualifiers as well as Fabrizio Donoso Delgado and Sven Zürner, who both qualified through last year’s competition.

Here are the top 5 drivers from the Wildcard Route, including their scores and platform. You can see just how close the combined times are, it resulted in a very close week of great racing around two challenging tracks.

Position Name Platform Combined Time
1 Simon Weigang XB1 02:48.868
2 Pino Macri XB1 02:48.963
3 Dan Shields PS4 02:49.067
4 Eduardo XB1 02:49.419
5 Alberto Foltran XB1 02:49.447

With the final two spots in the Pro Draft filled, this brings an end to the Online Qualification for 2018. The next step is for the drivers to impress the teams in a series of tests and assessments, with at least nine talented drivers set to be selected by an Official Formula 1 Esports team during the Pro Draft, which will be broadcast live on the 9th July at 7pm.

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